Corporate Responsibility
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We aim to innovate new products and promote behaviors that reduce negative effects on the planet and lead to a more sustainable future.
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We are embracing design practices that make more responsible materials and techniques a priority across our business.
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#Better for the Planet
We have launched our Better for the Planet initiative, challenging all of our brands to develop products and packaging according to specific design and materials criteria.
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We partner with our supply chain to ensure key materials are responsibly sourced, and we have set targets to expand those aims.
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#Diamonds And Leather
In 2019, we banned the use of exotic skins in new products. We are close to achieving our goal of sourcing 100% of our diamonds from RJC-certified suppliers. In 2021, we sourced 85% of our leather from food industry by-product, and 47% of our leather from LWG-certified suppliers; we aim to reach 100% responsibly sourced leather by 2026.
#Paper And Plastic
We have taken steps to reduce the amount of paper used, and we are reducing our use of synthetic and virgin plastics by substituting recycled, reclaimed, and bio plastics and other alternatives.
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We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint through meaningful and balanced action.
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#Eliminating Battery Waste
Watch batteries are discarded every 2 to 5 years. We are reducing this environmental cost by expanding our selection of battery-free automatic and solar-powered movements.
#Using Recycled Materials
We use recycled and repurposed materials in our products and packaging. Currently, over 90% of the wood and pulp fibers and 55% of the plastic used in our watch boxes is recycled material.
#Combatting Climate Change
We are working with an outside environmental consultant to measure our GHG emissions and the environmental impacts of key products by conducting a carbon footprint and several product lifecycle assessments.